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ShantiLoco was born on New Years Eve 2017, after many years of marination, travels, projects and skype meetings. 8 friends finally decided to collect their forces and produce a love child, with the common goal of sharing creativity, experience and health. ShantiLoco Collective hold retreats, workshops and create art based on the common denominator of flow. Magic happens in the present movement and the more we can dwell there, the more magical life becomes. Join us in our search for what is true. Take part of the tools we share and experience for yourself. 

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Erik Lobelius

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Living in: Stockholm, Sweden

Practice: Osteopathy, Yoga, Dance, Performance, Teaching

-Striving to be transparent in all its senses and dimensions. Experiencing and shining a light on the interrelationships that are present. 

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Raquel Miro

From: Barcelona, Spain
Living in: Barcelona, Spain,

Practice: Dance, Choreography, Yoga, Teaching.

-I'm driven by love, laughter, sun, flow and connecting with people. I wish the world to become a place to walk bear foot, full of equality and peace, without being too boring and naive.

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Carl Staaf

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Living in: Barcelona, Spain

Practice: Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Teacher, Dancer, Performance

-I'm driven by amazement that we are the manifestors of life. What we imagine will eventually happen. Seeker and spreader of wisdom and truth. 


Daniel Staaf

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Living in: Berlin, Germany

Practice: Dance, Performance, Teaching

-No thing and therefore everything. Self investigation: where you hold your own experience as the truth. Remember the process and you will find your way home. 

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Sarah Stanley

From: Texas, USA

Living in: Berlin, Germany

Practice: Dance, Performance, Teaching

-I'm interested the connectedness of all things. I believe the only true satisfaction in life comes from surprise and and I'm hunting for ways to access this feeling of joy and awe through exploration of the physical and energetic body.

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Johannes Lind

From: Örebro, Sweden

Living in: Braunschweig, Germany

Practice: Dance, music, art

-Im currently interested in understanding the various mechanisms of Consciousness/Existence and specifically learning how to manifest what I call pure inspiration. Im generally very empathic and I'm working on understanding what connection and true self is.


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