Fieldwork is a movement method designed to help people get out of their minds, into their bodies and tuned in to the space they inhabit in order to facilitate creative ease within a group.  The method integrates elements of dance, yoga and meditation, inviting the participant to connect to a sense of vibrancy in the body while increasing our awareness of our surroundings.

We start with grounding exercises, breathing/visualizations, with the aim of giving you the opportunity to take a break from the “doer of things” as we slip through the door into the experience of things. 

We work through the whole body, with easy follow along exercises that will give us time to connect to the present experience, becoming aware of the natural forces at play and recognizing our habit patterns. On an apparent level, we will mobilize our joints to access our physical body, on a subtle level we will activate our energetic body.   

After turning on and tuning in, we will drop out through different improvisation tasks and group scores. We will take our time to explore this together, honing our skill in moving with awareness, we deepen our trust in ourselves and others.