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Why a website and why a blog?

Updated: May 20, 2020

I believe the website did always exist in our minds, but for it to materialize the circumstances had to be the way they were when it finally was conceived.

It might seem like a lot of words and an irrelevant observation, but in my experience it is a very good exercise. It gives room to separate yourself from the process and not identify with the idea of creating a website. Instead we can experience the event, which is what ShantiLoco is, an experience.

Voila ShantiLoco has a website!

Hopefully the website will be able to serve more than the purpose of a place you go to to sign up for an email blast and compare your life story with the team’s biographies.

I hope that the website can be an ever evolving event that inspires and engages people in a conventional way but also new.

I can already share the fact that the creation of the website was a collaborative event that gave me the opportunity to observe the process, so in this way the website has already found more than just one function and will continue to do so.

Another more practical function is that the website can work as a reminder to keep us admins accountable for what we have set in motion. Not so much as in someone telling you that you left the stove on, but more as a reminder of what it is we are researching and observing.

Why a blog?

I guess I have always identified as a person that does not read blogs; - why read a blog about other people's experience, when I can spend my time experiencing myself. I even went as far as stating that life is supposed to be lived by oneself and not through other peoples experiences. Obviously I thought a blog had only one function, at that point in time, because it reinforced my identity as a person who does not read blog’s.

15 years later, I have realized a blog can fill many different functions and the identity of a person who does not read blogs has realized its own prison and has stepped into the void of limitless potential. Not being held back by the judgment and confinement of old views and identities, me myself and I are not gonna hold back.

So to finalize this blog post which I have no idea how to do. I would like to encourage you to take a look at your own judgment and identities and observe what function they serve and see if you can remember who you are?

Stay healthy and happy!

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